When your moments are worth more than just another like, Descendants Photography, we're hear for you.
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A picture is worth a thousand words.  A thousand words to say,"I love you."
 "I need you." 
"You're beautiful."
Or simply "look how much you've grown."

Let us speak for you.  With attention paid to every detail we will capture your thousand word moments, and turn them into ten thousand word conversations.
Descendants Photography
Let us capture your special day in spectacular fashion.  From engagement sessions, to save the date invitations, to that faithful day itself. You'll have enough to worry about leave the photography to us.
​​The precious moments with our precious ones don't last forever. Allow us to create memories of yours.
​​With session on location or in studio we can capture the images that will inspire memories and stories for generations to come.
Meet the photographer:
Hi. I'm Heather,
For over five years now, I've been learning the art of photography. The idea of capturing an image that you and your loved ones will cherish forever has been the source of my passion since day one. Whether it's a lovely little one's birthday or that little one's beginning of freedom that is senior year. We at Descendants Photography are suited to capture it all and more. Please check out our galleries to see samples of the work that we do, and check back often to see our latest and greatest works. Also check out the about us section for more information.